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Case Study

Thriving in the midst of a lockdown

 In April 2020, during the COVID-19 lockdown, it became apparent to Street Agency very quickly that a more agile and data-driven approach was needed to allow them to grow their business, they chose Kulea to help make that happen…


Company Name: Street Agency
Date: 2020
Website: street.agency

Everything Street Agency do is about driving new business and empowering their clients to drive revenue quickly and efficiently. Whether it is a long-term new business marketing partnership or one-off event campaign you’re looking for, Street Agency have the skills and expertise to deliver..

The challenge

Marketing automation can be a cost-effective and efficient way to help keep your marketing funnel full and engaged, if it is implemented and managed effectively!

Street Agency’s service provider at the time charged per-contact, which, when used in volume across multiple campaigns, ultimately led to increasingly high costs.

Pair that with sluggish support services and limited personalisation capabilities – it’s no wonder Street Agency wanted a fresh start!

When considering a new service, Street also recognised that whilst new business and marketing whizzes, technology isn’t their strong suit, so they wanted to find a partner that could not only provide data-driven lead generation technology, but also the A-Class support to implement it.

Team Street

Game-changing for our new business strategy!

Kulea enables us to power and automate our new business outreach. It is continually being re-developed and the support we receive is always way beyond expectations. Our team go above and beyond. Kulea itself is easy-to-use, intuitive and powerful.

Claudia Pharoah

Campaign Success Manager, Street Agency

Solving the Problem

Utilising our Prospecting & Stack packs, Kulea were able to help Street Agency build a complete nurturing process for their leads, where one-to-one emails can be personalised and branded, dependant on which campaign or client they were intended for.

This helped prospects to move away from the sense of receiving an automated message, to one of being truly understood and catered for.

Kulea also built bespoke data reporting for Street Agency’s clients and fully connected all their individual tech stacks seamlessly into one platform, further improving their value proposition.

Agile support responses through Slack or on the phone allow Kulea to manage high demand across multiple campaigns, advising on improved deliverability and open rates from a full understanding of the back-end technology that makes marketing automation as effective as it can be.

BDaaS services provided

  • CRM integration
  • Prospecting and data cleansing
  • Domain reputation warm up
  • Enhanced technical support with dedicated Slack channels
  • Custom reporting
  • Tech set up



The Results

With Kulea’s technology and support, despite lockdowns and Covid, Street Agency made 2020 their most successful year to date (and then went on to knock 2020 out of the park in 2021 and 22!).

Using the leads generated through Kulea, the team were able to bring on six new major clients in six months with their webinar generating 3-4 new business meetings every month. This significant growth has meant that the Street Agency team grew too, from three to a team of seven.

From a client perspective, the ability to seamlessly integrate their CRM systems and all other technology within their stack led to much stronger, stickier partnerships and improved Street Agency’s ability to support much larger clientele alongside SMEs.

What started as a software solution to improve their email automation, quickly became a powerful partnership that has helped scale their business, increase results and value for clients, all whilst saving them money.


Increase in new clients


Increase in webinar attendees


Open rate on emails

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