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Business Development software

 Our Business Development support services are built on our multi-award winning marketing automation platform, Kulea.ma.

Whether you need a helping hand, or you’d prefer to DIY your Business Development and Marketing automation efforts, our solution can help.

Kulea’s comprehensive tool kit ensures you’re able to scale up your prospecting and client communication campaigns effectively and efficiently, passing your leads from top of funnel, through to conversion in seamlessly integrated journeys.

Kulea.ma is consistently ranked as a high performer in G2Crowd’s Marketing Automation Index and is the ONLY Marketing Automation platform to score 100% for Ease of Setup, 100% for Quality of Support, and 100% Ease of Admin


Users love Kulea.ma on G2
Kulea.ma is a leader in Marketing Automation on G2
Kulea.ma is a leader in United Kingdom Marketing Automation on G2

An intuitive platform that has boosted appointments and sales dramatically!  

We have solved our issue of manually chasing prospects and we have also been able to keep in regular contact with all of our clients with ease.

James Boyes


What’s in the box?

Every Kulea.ma subscription comes with a comprehensive marketing automation toolset that’s designed to make your life easier and generate more sales for your business.  We regularly release new features, so watch this space.


Dynamic drag and drop email builder for full HTML OR Plain text emails

With the highest ROI of any marketing channel (source. Forrester), it’s no wonder that email’s the go to approach for new business development outreach. 

Kulea’s easy to use interface and intelligent personalisation capabilities ensure that you’re sending the right email, to the right person at the right time, effortlessly.

Every Kulea subscription includes…

  • Drag and drop email builder
  • HTML editor
  • Plain text email simulator
  • Bcc CRM integration
  • Custom sender domain
  • Dynamic personalisation
  • Content Persona-lisation®
  • Automated unsubscribes
  • EU based sender server
    (GDPR compliant)
  • Self serve Subject Access Request
    (GDPR compliant)
  • Unlimited test email sends with up to 5 test users
  • Range of free responsive templates
  • Traditional email campaigns, automated journey campaigns and drip campaigns
  • Email campaign scheduler
  • Form completion emails
  • Reusable campaign filters
  • Full email KPI campaign reporting
Creative pack

Fully automated nurturing sequences that take your prospects from cold to closed!

Our powerful journey planner enables you to build advanced automated workflows that listen and respond to your client’s digital body language.

Say goodbye to manual processes and repetitive tasks as you effortlessly drag and drop journeys that operate 24/7, so you don’t have to.

Your Kulea subscription includes…

  • Drag and drop journey planner that features over 25 behavioural triggers, including page visits, lead scores, email activity and file downloads
  • Journey filters that ensure the right prosects are being contacted at the right time
  • CRM auto-updates that synchronise to third party CRMs
    (requires Zapier subscription)
  • IF, And, Or and Not logic
  • Automated real time sales alerts
  • Fully automated drip campaigns that integrate with your prospecting activity
  • Auto-archiving of hard bounces to keep your subscription lists clean
  • Positive and negative lead scores to keep on track of your opportunities
  • Easy duplication of existing journeys reduces time to build
Stack pack

Landing pages that adapt to your visitors to create hyper-personalised experiences

You personalise your email content, so why wouldn’t you do the same things for your web and landing pages.

Our unique persona-lisation® technology doesn’t just insert personalisation into your content, it completely changes the nature of that content, to ensure your landing pages and form are relevent, personal and effective at lead capture.

Your Kulea.ma subscription includes…

  • No code drag and drop page builder, means there’s no need for a developer!
  • HTML content editor for those that want to get into the nitty gritty
  • Customisable header and body tags, for easy integration with Facebook, Linkedin and Google Analytics tracking
  • Content Persona-lisation® changes page copy/imagery for each visitor
  • Dynamic insertion of CRM data into page copy
  • Fully responsive page design
  • Custom urls
  • Iframe integration
  • Fast load times for SEO optimisation
  • SEO toolset
  • Editable smart buttons
  • Full integration with CRM and journey automations


One to one reporting that doesn't just tell you what and when, but also who!

Never miss a sales opportunity again.

Track page visits, document downloads, form views and completions, the list goes on.  Link this activity back to your CRM records and alert your sales teams in real time when critical events, such as a prospect visiting your contact page, occur.

Your Kulea subscription includes…

  • Full email KPI reporting across standard, automated and form completion email campaigns
  • Campaign and visitor report data exports
  • Hot opportunity sales reports based on recent score activity
  • Known and unknown visitor data
  • Quick view and all time behavior exports for all CRM contacts
Smart form builder

Score, prioritise and assign leads based on their online behaviour to separate the wheat from the chaff

1 point for an email open, 2 points for a click, 3 for page view – build a complete profile of your lead’s online and offline activity and alert your sales team when lead score thresholds are met, and a sale is ready to close, so they can effectively and efficiently prioritse their call activity.

Your Kulea subscription includes…

  • Hot opportunity alerts
  • Initial leadscoring configuration
    completed by team Kulea
  • 25 assorted lead score triggers
  • Real time lead score threshold sales alerts
  • Use lead score updates to segment prospects
  • Pass lead scores through to your 3rd party CRM with our Zapier integration
    (requires separate Zapier subscription)
Smart form builder

Smart forms that recognise and respond to your site visitors

Capturing new leads through forms and gated content is critical to the Business Development process, but why waste time (and opportunities) by asking for information you already know?  Our smart forms backfill known data, and even change the questions based on who is visiting, so you can qualify and close the leads that matter the most.

Your Kulea subscription includes…

  • Back filling of known contact data to make form filling quick and easy
  • Double and Single opt in mechanisms
  • Standard and hidden fields for data enrichment
  • Personalised CTAs
  • Fully integrated into your Kulea CRM and automation journeys
  • Fully configurable form redirects and thank you messaging
  • Iframe integration for embedding into your own webpages
Zapier integration

And we integrate with pretty much everything

Say goodbye to complex, expensive integrations. Playing nice with other apps should be a breeze!

Take advantage of our Zapier integration, which brings 3,000 plus third party applications within easy reach to help you build the Business Development stack that you need.

We’re experts at integrating both Hubspot and Pipedrive CRM, bringing you a best of breed  CRM/marketing automation solution at a fraction of the price the single solution providers offer.

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