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Get PUMPED for the weekend with Kulea!

It’s finally Friday people, the weekend is nearly upon us!!!!   With the mornings becoming darker, it’s hard to find that burst of motivation to get out of our PJ’s and start the day… this is where we need the wonderful power of music to get us pumped! Cue the Kulea...

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Question and answer session with DMJ Recruitment’s Zinzan Clements

Recruitment isn’t always an industry known for setting the pace when it comes to technology adoption, which is a shame, as when it comes to marketing automation, the benefits to consultants are clear.  Recruiters live and die by the quality of the relationships they form with clients and candidates, and nothing builds relationships faster, or allows recruiters to scale those relationships more efficiently, than a high performing marketing automation platform. 

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What’s coming up in August?

Custom Filters Custom Filters will allow you to target your campaigns by event activity! (for example, the customers who 'read this' or 'clicked on this') This means it will be even easier to target your marketing emails to the right people! Journey Templates Last...

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EU Data Center Move

We are moving... Up until now, we send our email through our US partners who are covered by EU/US Privacy Framework. However, we are soon to be moving to an EU data centre to improve deliverability speed and further our GDPR compliance. YAY!

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WTF is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is an ambiguous and somewhat confusing term that means different things to different people. In essence, it is the technology that can both automate and personalise your marketing communications at scale to suit the needs of modern consumers....

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