So simple your Nan could use it

Having used a number of marketing automation solutions over the years, we can confidently state that they're not the easiest things to use.  Tools tend to have evolved over time, mostly from email marketing platforms, and as they've evolved, and new solutions have been acquired and bolted on, they've become... complex.  

Who are we kidding? They're a bloody nightmare!

That's why here at Kulea, we have a bit of a maxim.  We're building software that's "So simple, your Nan could use it".

But what does that mean in real life?  Well, quite simply, it means we sit our Nan down in front of a computer, and let her have a play with the tools as we develop them.  Not our real Nan of course, but our office Nan.  

Dear reader, meet Christine.  

Christine works with us here in Bletchely Park looking after our reception, our admin, and our accounts.  We love Christine to bits, and frankly, without her we'd be a mess.  But Christine is about as far removed from being a geek as one can get. Which is another reason why she's so important.

You see, so many marketing automation solutions out there are designed by developers for developers.  They're incredibly clever no doubt, but virtually impossible to use without a PHd in advanced Cybernetics and an employee of the year award from NASA. But that's not what we're about.

From the lingo-free wording we use on our website, to our awesome features and functionality, every bit of Kulea that our customers use is designed for marketers by marketers.  It's easy marketing automation. So easy in fact that our office Nan can understand and use it.  If she can't, then it fails the Nan test and we go back to the drawing board.

So forget fancy eyeball tracking software and neurological-scanning, if you want to develop software that helps, not hinders your customers, get yourself an office Nan. 


  Andrew Nicholson

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