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Case Study

Kulea’s team and technology underpin Saltwhistle’s new client growth strategy

Having created a new client service pack with Kulea as the underlying element, for the first time since launching in 2000, Saltwhistle are finding selling in to new clients “really easy”. 

Saltwhistle founder, Rebecca Harding, tells us how it’s done


Company Name: Saltwhistle
Date: Jan 2022 – present
Website: saltwhistle.com

Founded in 2000 by Rebecca Harding  (Worldwide Vice Chairman of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists and Vice Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing), Saltwhistle are a marketing and communications consultancy that specialises in the professional services and events sector.

A holistic approach to scaling client services

Rather than exclusively providing content and strategy support, as Rebecca and her team had done in previous years, the adoption of Kulea within the business allowed Saltwhistle to also provide a delivery mechanism for their content, which in turn created a more cohesive client service from beginning to end.

Clients loved that Saltwhistle could provide all the marketing services for them, without them having to go out and buy and integrate additional software or data, which is a specialist area that smaller agencies have traditional struggled with.


“What I’m finding for the first time is that the sell is really easy – it’s just not hard work. 

New clients are now approaching me and saying “can I have some, can I have some” and that’s when you know you have something that’s really working, and Kulea has been an integral part of that. 

It’s a great package we have now – we’re getting the results, which have been shockingly good, and we’re getting the leads.  I’m a pessimist, but we’ve gotten amazing results for clients off the back of the first campaign which I was never expecting”

Rebecca Harding

founder, Saltwhistle


Kulea’s martech integration support means that there’s always someone to ask who can back Saltwhistle up, which improves speed of delivery for clients and provides reassurance to Saltwhistle that they’ll never be in over their heads.  

Outsourcing their client martech support meant that Saltwhistle were able to free up their time to support clients in ways that they were better suited, such as content creation, PR and event management

As Rebecca told us “you just don’t get that level of support with other software, you really don’t, and that’s a big difference


Professional services used to be all about getting business cards at events, but post Covid, that’s no longer the case. 

Kulea’s manually currated and cleansed data provides peace of mind for Saltwhistle, ensuring that the quality content that Rebecca and the team are writing is being leveraged to full effect and being read by relevent, decision making contacts.

BDaaS services provided

  • Prospecting and data cleansing
  • Cross platform integration
  • Integration support
  • Kulea platform subscription



Saltwhistle’s key factors to a successful client outreach campaign

Great content

Support, don’t sell.

Create value with every touch point, and keep communications brief and to the point – time is money!

Great data

Kulea’s in house data discovery prospects, curates, cleanses and enriches Saltwhistle’s contact data to ensure high open and response rates

A relevant hook

Make sure your content talks to the needs of your audience and identify a primary pain point they can relate to as your  hook.

The Results

It’s safe to say Rebecca has been staggered by the difference Kulea has made to both her business her client’s.

  • A UK top 20 Accountancy firm has generated a steady stream of new client conversations off the back of Kulea campaign activity, and in month one were asked to pitch at a major Canary Wharf bank
  • A large UK event company that in their first quarter has generated over £100k of new business from new clients
  • Phenomenal agency growth that has resulted in Saltwhistle bringing on board two new staff members to cope with new client demand

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