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Do you remember those dark days before Google Analytics?  Expensive analytics engine's that used clunky interfaces from the dark ages (a bit like some marketing automation solutions we could mention!).  And then Google brought us GA, and low, it was good.

We'll always love Google Analytics - it shined a light on the dark corners of our websites, and gave us answers to questions we didn't even know existed.  But like so much technology, it only goes so far (If you're reading this Google, we're sorry, but you know it's true!).  

Imitation is the sincerist form of flattery, and we've made our reporting interfaces as intuitive and easy to use as Google Analytics, but where Google stops... well, that's just where we're starting to come into our stride!

Imagine if you could run analytics reports on your website visitors, and rather than just being shown vague trends, you could actually connect your 'anonymous' users to your CRM records.  

Imagine being able to filter your analytics data by job title, company name, industry type... the list is endless. Layer your filters, or apply persona filters to generate truly bespoke reports that translate in to real people.

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