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Communication Automation for Marketing and Business Development Agencies

Kulea’s powerful and flexible marketing automation capabilities provide additional value-adding client services for agencies looking to deliver maximum ROI for their clients.

From personalised landing pages, to lead scoring and email marketing, our comprehensive solution gives you the tools to exceed client expectations; whilst our dedicated Customer Success team are hard at work behind the scenes supporting your agency objectives.

Kulea for agencies delivers…

Unlimited Support

Having a tough day? Need a back rub, a cup of Horlicks and a helping hand with your marketing automation? We provide agencies with unlimited support, because you’re worth it!

Free Training

Let us help you get familiar with Kulea quickly, learn the ropes, and impress the bejeezuz out of your clients. You win, we win. What’s not to love?

Substantial Agency Discounts

We’ve put agencies at the heart of our pricing structure – drop us a line using the form below to to see how much you can save

Great product, even better customer service

The support that you get from Kulea can not be faulted and they are always on hand to answer questions or guide you through a specific task. Also, being able to connect Kulea and Pipedrive through Zapier is a big plus for us!

Lewis Butcher, Data & CRM Manager Upfront BD
Lewis Butcher, Data & CRM Manager

The email creator is so easy to use. You can create fantastic looking campaigns and simple but powerful automation journeys with just a few clicks. So many of these platforms are really difficult to use and Kulea makes everything seem so easy.

Melanie Parker, Director Stream Comms
Melanie Parker, Director

“Performance is impressive – 6,000 events per second is higher than some dedicated real time solutions I’ve worked with. Interface look and feel is great… what I have seen is better than many B2C solutions out there at the moment.”

Alex Holt, Marketing Technologist 
Alex Holt, Marketing Technologist

Kulea MA

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Whats your problem?

Your business is unique, but the challenges you face aren't.

In today's tough economic climate, saving time and money, generating more sales, and keeping your customers happy are challenges that face us all.

Marketing automation helps you meet those challenges head on, so what's holding you back?