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Taking an existing service to a new audience

Team Kulea have been supporting 3RockAR with their UK Lead Gen since June 2022; securing meetings with world renowned brands like Aston Martin, Brother’s Cider, Riot Games, and many more (see logos below), but during the Christmas lull, 3RockAR co-founder, Ian Brookes, set us a new challenge.

“Get 3RockAR into the Middle East in time for Ramadan!”


Compay Name: 3RockAR.
Date: June 2022 – present
Website: www.3rockar.com

As the internationally-recognised no.1 3D and AR advertising company in the world, 3RockAR have created over 1,000 AR campaigns to date, viewed by over 100,000,000 people on every continent on the planet, through physical and digitally geo-targeted installations..

Just some of the brands we booked meetings with for 3RockAR in 2022

Aston Martin logo
Riot Games logo
Brothers Cider Logo
Sego logo
boohoo logo
Secret cinema logo
Square Enix logo
Gravity Active Entertainment logo
Lotus Racing logo
JARS Cannabis logo
YMU Logo

A huge opportunity

Whilst the UK/US market had proven receptive to 3RockAR’s immersive combination of 3D and Augmented Reality display advertising, the technology was no longer perceived as cutting edge (largely as a result of 3RockAR’s success in bringing it to the masses).

The Middle Eastern market had never seen anything like this before though, and the time was ripe for edgy brands to make some noise and build their brand recognition. 

But how to get their attention?

Brothers Cider at Kings Cross Station Nov 2022

Solving the Problem

Our Data Discovery Team got to work identifying suitable markets and brands to target with outreach.

In month one, we tested the water across a wide range of sectors to gauge response rates, before honing in on the most receptive markets; Retail, Hospitality, and Food and Beverages.

Once established, we commenced outreach, with copy highlighting the brand differentiation benefits that 3RockAR provide, to 800 new contacts a month, through a five touch-point sequence.


BDaaS services provided

  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) definition
  • Outreach email writing
  • Prospecting and data cleansing
  • Email outreach automation
  • Dedicated inbox/diary management
  • Appointment setting
  • Cross platform integration



“Kulea’s BDaaS service provided us with a consistent pipeline of meetings with Marketing Directors and senior decision makers across a range of incredible brands.

For this reason, we took a gamble and directed their efforts towards the Middle East, where they’ve managed to maintain the same level of quality in this emerging market.  Really impressed guys!”


MD and co-founder

The Results

Lead gen is a numbers game – so what do the numbers look like?


Avg email open rate


Avg response rate


Avg positive response rate

Meetings booked by month 2

But numbers aren’t everything

So let’s dig a little deeper.  Since targeting the Middle Eastern Market last month, we’ve already booked 8 meetings for Ian and his team. 

But these aren’t any old meetings. 

Average company size is +1,000 employees, and wins include Bahrain’s most established 5* hotel, The Gulf, and The Apparel Group, who operate over 2,000 stores across 14 Middle Eastern countries on behalf of Western brands such as Calvin Klein, Levis, Victoria’s Secret and Adidas.

ME logos

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