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The inefficient way

Spray out your marketing message and pray that someone is listening

The RIGHT way

Listen and respond to your customers in real time, with automated, personal communications

Kulea.ma is a powerful yet easy to use marketing automation and personalisation platform that dynamically delivers customer intimacy at scale.

Don’t work harder, work SMARTER.


Loved by . . .

“Me and my team are able to put together complex automations ourselves and with the hook up with Zapier this enables us to fully control our workflows. Kulea is adding huge value to our day to day existence.”

Gemma S, Digital Marketing Manager FMC Talent
Gemma S, Digital Marketing Manager

“The Kulea team go out of their way to make sure we get the most out of Kulea, but also have a successful and enjoyable working relationship. How often can you say that? That you actually enjoy working with a supplier? It really is a breath of fresh air.

Kulea has given us great insights into customer and prospect behaviour, which has helped us to improve on site conversions. It gives us great insight into our email campaigns. And that is without touching lead scoring, automations or personalisation. We’re barely touching the surface with Kulea.”

Tim Jubb, Digital Marketing Manager Airsweb
Tim Jubb, Digital Marketing Manager

The email creator is so easy to use. You can create fantastic looking campaigns and simple but powerful automation journeys with just a few clicks. So many of these platforms are really difficult to use and Kulea makes everything seem so easy.

Melanie Parker, Director Stream Comms
Melanie Parker, Director
It’s great for proof-of-concepts. We’re a big business that’s just started our digital journey so internal-buy in is always the challenge. 
Kulea is so easy to use. I can walk into a meeting with a business department, float a campaign idea to them, and within an hour of the meeting ending I’m sending working test campaigns to directors’ inboxes.
It’s had 100% internal buy-in so far. 
Alastair Byers, Digital Marketing Manager Wates Construction
Alastair Byers, Digital Marketing Manager

“Having used and tested many Marketing Automation pieces of software I can safely say that Kulea is by far the easiest and best.”

Nigel Apperley, CEO TRUSTist
Nigel Apperley, CEO

A conversion rate of 31% on the landing page for our lead magnet led to 37 new leads (and basically everyone clicked through from the email to the landing page then downloaded). From the downloads, we identified a guy through behaviour tracking (constantly kept visiting a job ad I had assigned a lead score to). From there, we called him and he is now interviewing at two separate jobs we are running, that when successful will be a £50,000 fee!!

Zinzan Clements, Marketing Manager DMJ Recruitment
Zinzan Clements, Marketing Manager

We score 4.6/5 on G2Crowd

Ranked higher than Marketo, Hubspot and Sharpspring by our customers!

Marketing Automation

So Simple your Nan could use It

What is this Marketing Automation lark?

It’s a good question. Marketing Automation (MA) is one of those things that everyone seems to be into these days, from the smallest email marketing agency, to the biggest multi-national mega tech-corp, and as a result, it’s become a little overused (a bit like beards). Fortunately, Marketing Automation is a bit more clean cut than beards (see what we did there?) – marketing automation uses technology to streamline and automate your marketing tasks to make your life easier, and make your business more money.

Kulea.ma improves your customer…



69% of top performers in B2B are using Marketing automation for their customer acquisition.

Do they know something you don’t?

We’ve hard baked our powerful personalisation, persona-lisation® and automation capabilities into every Kulea landing page, email and form you build, creating a completely personal experience for every page visitor.  Kulea’s landing pages convert up to 3x higher than traditional lead capture approaches – but don’t take it from us, just speak to our customers.



Did you know that personalised digital experiences convert 20% more customers than one size fits all communications, or that 77% of marketing automation users see their number of conversions increase?

Give yourself the competitive edge with Kulea’s powerful conversion optimisation toolkit!



Data without insight’s just a distraction. Ditch anonymous analytics and start tracking leads and customers across your digital assets in real time. Score their actions, automate your responses and alert your sales teams to every hot lead that comes your way, ensuring every touchpoint you have with your customer kicks ass!

So, how do we do it?

Features and benefits

Kulea’s powerful suite of marketing automation features brings home the benefits to your business quickly and easily.

360 Degree Email Marketing

Email is the small business marketer’s bread and butter, and whilst we know the kids are down with social media, it’s a fact of life that email still packs one hell of a punch when it comes to acquiring, converting and retaining new customers.

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Email Marketing
Lead Scoring

Turbo Charged Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a proven approach for prioritising your leads based on their online activity – think of it as your prospect’s sales readiness rating. The more score you allocate to a prospect, the higher the chance they’ll convert into a paying customer when you make contact, saving you those awkward silences and wasted phone calls.

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Persona Powered Marketing

Personalisation is so last year. Kulea brings you persona-lisation! Persona-lise your CRM database, and then create persona-lised email and landing pages, ensuring every customer gets a truly relevant experience.

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Persona Powered Marketing
Flexible Marketing Reporting

Oh, so flexible reporting

Data’s great, isn’t it? There’s data everywhere these days, and on the whole, that’s a good thing – from telling us how healthy we are, to letting us know if our train’s running late, data provides the bricks and mortar of a modern lifestyle.

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Website landing pages and forms

A good website landing page is a wonderful thing. Like a run-of-the-mill webpage with tunnel vision, its clarity of purpose is a thing of joy to behold. Your visitors WILL complete your online form, they WILL download your latest Whitepaper or product brochure …

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Website landing pages and forms
Drag and Drop Interface

Drag and Drop Journey Planner

It’s all well and good sending your customers an email when you’ve got a new product to promote, or bulk posting your new brochure out once a year, every year, but that’s not really listening to your customer’s needs is it? And if you’re not listening to them, why on earth should they listen to you?

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GDPR compliant marketing automation

With fully automated subject access requests, right to be forgotten, multi-factor authentication and a plethora of GDPR compliant features, we’ve got your customer privacy hard baked into our software.

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GDPR Security

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CRM records
Emails per month
Events per month
Number of sites
Customer Success
Subscription Terms


per month
Description : Designed for established businesses that are looking to evolve their existing marketing efforts into fully fledged marketing automation magic.
CRM records : Up to 50,000
Emails per month : Up to 250,000
Events per month : Up to 1,250,000
Number of sites : Up to 10
API : Yes
Customer Success : Gold support package
Subscription Terms: Annual contract paid annually


per month
Description : For bigger businesses looking for a cost-effective approach to personalising their customer communications. Drop us a line to talk about custom integrations.
CRM records : Up to 30,000
Emails per month : Up to 150,000
Events per month : Up to 750,000
Number of sites : Up to 5
API : Yes
Customer Success : Ongoing management
Subscription Terms: Annual contract paid annually


per month
Description : Perfect for smaller growth hungry businesses looking to expand their customer conversion with the very best in marketing automation.
CRM records : Up to 10,000
Emails per month : Up to 50,000
Events per month : Up to 250,000
Number of sites : Up to 3
API : Yes
Customer Success : Implementation plan
Subscription Terms: Annual contract paid annually


per month
Description : Want all the marketing tools of a large scale business without the cost? This package will get you on the right path to success! Available on a monthly rolling contract + free 14 day trial.
CRM records : Up to 1000
Emails per month : Up to 5000
Events per month : Up to 50,000
Number of sites : 1
API : No
Customer Success : Self Service
Subscription Terms: Monthly Rolling Contract

More than 50,000 records?

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